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Swortex Software Development

Case Study

802.11 Fast Session Transfer

Accomplishment: Design, Development and Submission of 802.11 standard FST feature

Swortex designed, developed and mainlined the Fast Session Transfer (FST) feature – part of 802.11 spec (then – of 802.11ad) allowing multi-band devices to select one of the bands and switch to it seamlessly.

During this task we had to choose the most appropriate way of implementing FST and then actually implement it, test and submit the code to the related Open Source communities (kernel, hostap etc.).

It was a T&M project and we were responsible for the full SW Development cycle from SW architecture and design to Development, functional testing as well as writing the Feature Test Plan.

The implementation was done on behalf of Qualcomm, in close cooperation with both relevant Qualcomm representatives and Open Source communities, in accordance with strict guidelines set by both customer’s legal department and community maintainers.

  • From scratch implementation of a new, major 802.11 spec feature

  • Working with Open Source communities in order to choose the most appropriate solution

  • Successful submission of big patch sets which in some cases caused significant code base and concept changes

  • Related full-stack changes for Android


802.11ad allows devices to communicate over four 2.16GHz-wide channels, delivering data rates of up to 7 Gigabits per second, even for mobile devices with limited power, a significant improvement over both 11n and 11ac.

Fast Session Transfer (FST) is a feature of 802.11 (then – of 802.11ad) allowing multi-band devices to select one of the bands and switch to it seamlessly, providing an easy way of seamless Rate Upgrade functionality (use 802.11ad when possible, if not – use 802.11ac).

Qualcomm owned the 1st commercially available 60GHz 802.11ad chip, so it needed FST in order to provide its customers with a way of gaining the maximum benefit from 802.11ad.

How Product Helped

The FST implementation allowed Qualcomm to announce a number of their 802.11ad products as the first commercial multi-band Wi-Fi products (featuring 802.11ad in the 60 GHz band and 2.4/5 GHz 802.11ac with MU-MIMO) across networking, mobile and computing segments.

The FST feature and related Rate Upgrade functionality enables Qualcomm’s customers to enjoy a new class of applications and services based on 802.11ad technology, while also augmenting the capacity of existing Wi-Fi networks.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

As a result of our continuous effort, the Fast Session Transfer (FST) feature was implemented from scratch and mainlined. This was a very complicated task, as the the implementation caused significant code base and concept changes in some cases. The feature is currently integrated into various Qualcomm’s products.

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