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  • Define project Requirement

  • Create SW Architecture  and translate it to SW Design

  • Break project into Steps/Phases with clear Milestones and Deliverables

  • Plan Resource Allocation and make precise Time Estimations in accordance with desired budget and timeline

  • Define Test Plan, build QA process and proceed with it

  • Develop, Integrate and Support SW

  • Manage SW Projects of any size and complexity

  • Minimize Time-To-Market yet preserve the SW Quality standards uncompromised

Swortex Software Development

Case Study

Paravirtualized VirtIO Device Drivers for


Accomplishment: A full stack of VirtIO device drivers of indisputably outstanding quality.

Swortex developed from scratch a full set of paravirtualized drivers of extraordinary quality. The drivers are widely deployed and used on a daily basis by thousands of Canonical’s clients and have thus been tested in multiple use cases / configurations / deployments etc.

Just a few bugs have ever been reported and performance-wise the drivers are at least as good as the ones developed by the competitors and in many cases significantly outperform them.

It was a Turn-Key project and we were responsible for the full SW Development cycle from requirements, milestones and definition of deliveries, through SW architecture and design to Development, functional testing and WHQL.

  • Set of 5 drivers (virtio-block, virtio-scsi, virtio-net, virtio-serial, virtio-balloon)

  • Running on 5 versions of Windows Server Guest OS (2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016) on top of 3 Ubuntu LTS Host versions (12.04, 14.04, 16.04)

  • Certified by 4 versions of Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WLK, HCK 2.0/2.1, HLK)

  • Virtually zero bugs were reported for the drivers, while dozens of Host component bugs were found and fixed


To make Ubuntu Server a fully competitive platform for running QEMU/KVM based Data Centers, Canonical had to provide a full support of Windows Server as Guest platform.

Unfortunately, the only set of VirtIO drivers for Windows Guests that was available belonged to Canonical’s main competitor in this field – Rad Hat, so Canonical had to develop an alternative driver set of their own.

How Product Helped

These drivers allowed Canonical to announce Ubuntu Server to be a fully competitive and guest agnostic cloud platform.

Using these drivers Canonical’s customers that needed to run Windows Server VMs were able to build OpenStack clouds on Ubuntu while keeping their guest OS and workloads intact.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Swortex managed to create a set of drivers of outstanding quality. Some of these drivers are extremely complex yet still virtually bug free. We succeeded in creating a robust, reliable and modular SW allowing maximum code sharing as well as “quick and clean” adjustments – like in case of a new Guest OS or VirtIo spec changes adoption. We have proved ourselves to be a reliable supplier who always deliver and do so on time.

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