• SW Development

    - from single task to full SW Development needs coverage - single or multi-domain

  • Linux, Windows and Android

    - from kernel to system level applications

  • IoT, Embedded, Mobile, Desktop and Server

    - from single component to whole system


    - certifications - from consulting through fixing issues to submission

  • Submissions to Open Source Communities

    - from SW design stage and up to the final acceptance

  • 911 for SW Projects

    - from bugs fixing, through bottleneck detection and various optimizations to Quick & Clean SW development

our services

We provide the following services:

  • define project Requirement
  • create SW Architecture  and translate it to SW Design
  • break project into Steps/Phases with clear Milestones and Deliverables
  • plan Resource Allocation and make precise Time Estimations in accordance with desired budget and timeline
  • define Test Plan, build QA process and proceed with it
  • Develop, Integrate and Support SW
  • Manage SW Projects of any size and complexity
  • Minimize Time-To-Market yet preserve the SW Quality standards uncompromised


Linux and Windows Kernel

Linux and Windows Kernel and Kernel-related Development

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Hypervisors Core and Devices – QEMU, XEN etc.

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Wireless and Wired Communications

Intimate knowledge of 802.11 standards

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Android System Development

Deep understanding of Android OS internals

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Complicated SW Projects

Heterogeneous Environment (Windows, Linux, Android etc.)

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Working with Open Source Communities

Linux kernel

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Our Clients













Anton Nayshtut, CEO

  • 20+ years experience in software development
    15+ years experience of Linux kernel
    18+ years experience of Windows drivers
    10+ years experience of Technical Leadership
  • Main areas of expertise:
  • Virtualization
  • QEMU
  • Linux and Windows Kernel and OS Internals
  • Embedded technologies
  • Networking
  • WiFi
  • System analysis and design

Alexey Bogoslavsky, CTO

  • 20+ years of experience in software development
    18+ years of experience in Windows drivers
    14+ years of experience in Technical Leadership
    8+ years of experience in Linux kernel
  • Main areas of expertise:
  • Windows Kernel
  • Wi Fi
  • Networking
  • OS internals
  • Virtualization
  • QEMU
  • Broadband connection analysis
  • Robotics
  • DirectX
  • Cross Platform development
  • Linux Kerne

Igor Royzis, Senior Staff SW Engineer

  • 20+ years of experience
  • in software development,
  • multidiscipline system architecture
  • and project management
  • Main areas of expertise:
  • Embedded
  • Real-Time
  • ARM
  • Device Drivers
  • Linux and Windows Kernel
  • SoC Development
  • R&D Management
  • System Engineering and Architecture
  • Project Management


Senior Software Engineer

R&D (Netanya, Israel) Skills & Requirements
  • At least 4 years of experience in SW Development
  • Good knowledge of C/C++
  • A good team player but capable of working independently as well
  • Good understanding of OS internals
  • Willing to learn
  • Knowledge of networking – an advantage
  • Contribution to Open Source – an advantage
  • Experience in Linux/Windows kernel programming – an advantage
  • Experience in WiFi (802.11) – an advantage




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